An Improbable Prayer

From Phelim McDermott, artistic co-director of Improbable, a theater company in the UK-- an open space manifesto from before he knew about "open space":

An Improbable Prayer.

We will say we don’t know when we don’t know.

We will say we are scared when we are scared.

We will not pretend everything is ok when it isn’t.

We will never ask a performer to do something we wouldn’t be prepared to do ourselves.

We love performers.

We believe they often know more than the director.

We love the audience.

We believe they often know more than either the performers or the director.

Anyone is free to leave at anytime.

It is better to leave than to be there and not really be present.
If someone leaves we will do it.

A comedy store joke in serious theatre is just as valuable as serious theatre at the comedy store.
We will never do something just to be different.

We will be prepared to be obvious.
When things get scary we will stay awake.

When things get scary we will look after each other not ourselves.

We will have a good time.

The audience see everything.