god's breakfast

From Rabbi Shefa Gold's Weekly Torah Journeys for the week beginning July 15:
This portion (Pinchas) concludes with a detailed description of our daily and festival offerings. God describes these offerings as, "my food." These are offerings of awareness - surrendered to the fire of our lives in order to feed that God-place within us. That God-place within us hungers for this "food" of awareness that we offer each day. Awareness, made manifest in our spiritual practice, is received by God (and the God-sense within us), as a sweet savor.


During this week of Pinchas, take a moment before each prayer, each blessing, each conscious practice you perform, and consecrate your intention as the food of God. Make your practice into an offering that sustains, nurtures and brings pleasure to the spark of God within you and to the energy that connects and enlivens all of Creation.