steeped in the cups with the moon and the stars

Meredith pours three cups of tea so fresh and clear that you can see the stars inside looking back at you:

"The iris pond has flowered
Before the old temple;
I sell tea this evening
By the water's edge...

"People go looking far and wide
for the Buddha's enlightenment
but I just sip my tea
and my tea swallows me...

"Wakefully we drink tea
sipping from simple cups
holding the moon
and galaxies of stars...

And today mamster wrote about a new teahouse
in town, called Remedy Teas ("Tea For Life"), which stocks close to 150 varieties of organic tea.

It's tea time right now! And pretty much all the time that you are not asleep.

Lovely photo above of Dragon Pearl jasmine tea and rooibos "redbush" tea
by Selva Morales under a Creative Commons License