conscious communion community of practice

My friend Anne is giving me the privilege and fun of co-hosting a potluck gathering at her home on Saturday afternoon, and you are invited! If you are in town, and you'd like to come, write to me at christy [at] oneskywellness [dot] com and I will send you directions.
Dear Fellow in the Journey of the Evolution of Consciousness:

We are initiating a community of practice focused on living in conscious communion. ..AKA radiant networking.

You are warmly invited to gather at Anne's house, Saturday July 14th from 4:00 PM to whenever...for a conversation/potluck meal...expressing all modalities of intelligence.

You are one of the many circlers that have been inquiring into the nature of consciousness, the practice of spirited living, communing with all forms of being and non-being, legacy practices, fluent communication, etc. AND we want to provide a time and place for face to face exploration of the questions and insights that you/we are receiving and are presencing (to use Otto Scharmer's new verb...which our Microsoft Word spell check doesn't accept as being accurate! :-)).

We will be living in conscious communion during these gatherings... in the practice of receiving and offering from guidance, allowing whatever wants to emerge and following the life force as it comes through each of us. It will be juicy.

This will be the first in a seasonal series of inquiries.

AND we are HOPING you will grace us with your presence!! Be sure to bring musical instruments, art supplies and/or whatever else you are inspired to bring. AND some optimal edible to share :-)

Please RSVP to one of us (see e-mail addresses below). AND feel free to invite fellow journeyers...just let one of us know.
If you can't make it this time, but want to come to another gathering, please let us know.

Love in action!

Anne, Mark, Candi, Christy